The weather is changing! Snow! Sleet! It’s going to snow in Shanxi again!

Recently, with the blessing of sunny weather,
The temperature in most parts of Shanxi rose steadily.
The warmth in most areas will continue today and tomorrow.
The highest temperature in most parts of central and southern China is generally around 10℃
The northern region is around 5℃
However, while warming up,
Haze is back, too
This afternoon to night
There are mild haze in parts of central and southern China.
There are mild haze in parts of the south.
The small partners in the above areas should pay attention to protection.
Although the weather is getting warmer.
But ups and downs are also common.
A new cold air is online.
The warming process was interrupted.
At the same time, our province will usher in a wide range of rain and snow weather.
There is little to medium snow in most areas.
There is heavy snow in parts of central and southern China.
There is light rain turning to sleet or light snow in Linyun Basin.
Affected by cold air and precipitation
The highest temperature in most parts dropped significantly on Wednesday.
It is expected that Wednesday
Most of the highest temperatures will generally fall below 5℃
The temperature drop in some areas is about 10℃
The temperature fluctuates greatly.
Everyone should adjust their clothes in time according to the temperature change.
It is currently at the peak of Spring Festival travel rush’s return trip
Need to pay attention to prevention
Rainy and snowy weather accompanied by slippery roads and icy roads.
And low visibility.
Adverse effects on transportation, etc.
Written by Cao Rui, an all-media reporter from Shanxi Evening News
Comprehensive Shanxi meteorology, China weather and so on.
Editor: Cao Rui, all-media editor of Shanxi Evening News
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Why do Japanese eat KFC for Christmas? | A close look at Japan

"A Close Look at Japan" is a column set up by Chen Yaoshi, a writer living in Japan, in the interface news, telling about Japanese business and culture.
People in northern China eat jiaozi on the winter solstice, while Japanese eat KFC on Christmas. Trying to eat KFC on Christmas Eve is like trying to eat Haidilao at seven o’clock in the evening, because there are long queues at the gates of KFC, and no one has provided free tea, watermelon and manicure services.
However, even if you can’t get in line, there are ways. Many families will choose to go to the store or order a family bucket online to eat at home. After all, Christmas Eve should be spent with their families. Figures provided by the American fast food industry show that from December 20 to 25, 2018, KFC stores in Japan earned about 63 million US dollars, and Christmas Eve was a crazy night for KFC, with sales usually four or five times that of usual.
This phenomenon is a bit ridiculous. When I first spent Christmas in Japan, I was shocked by the long queue at the gate of KFC-KFC is called fast food for China people, and it is generally favored by couples of children and college students. Why did KFC become a Christmas dinner in Japan? Is it because the Japanese can’t afford to eat turkey and take KFC to deal with it?
In fact, it is not because the Japanese can’t afford to eat turkey, but because there is no turkey in Japan. In 1970, the first KFC in Japan opened, and the business was bleak. At that time, Japan’s economy had developed at a high speed, and KFC, which provided standardized and high-quality services, did not attract the attention of Japanese consumers.
But the Japanese like to celebrate Christmas. In the long time and space, this festival from the west has been widely accepted by the Japanese. In fact, the concept of Christmas spread to Japan during the Meiji Restoration. In 1892, Masaoka Shiki, a master of Japanese literature in Meiji period, wrote that "after Laba is a noisy Christmas". Just like what we said, "Don’t be greedy for children, it’s the year after Laba".
Although in the following years, whether Christmas should be celebrated has aroused widespread discussion in society, the theory of the opponents is very clear: Japan is not a Christian country, so why should it be celebrated? How should Japan’s own traditions be preserved?
However, Yanagita Kunio, the father of Japanese folklore, thinks that Christmas is just a traditional winter night activity in the East, covered with western pop elements … and the East has a tradition of celebrating the winter solstice night since ancient times. ….
It means that everyone is happy, so why be so serious? The Japanese people don’t care so much, and happiness is the most important thing. They soon enjoyed the fun of Christmas. Since around the 1910 s, Santa Claus, Christmas concerts and dances have come in droves, and major commercial organizations have tried their best to carry out various discounts and promotions. The whole December was immersed in a cheerful atmosphere.
Back to KFC. Before and after Christmas in 1974, KFC played a brainwashing slogan: "Of course, we must eat KFC at Christmas." I didn’t expect this strategy to be a great success.
It is said that this idea came to the manager of KFC in his dream at that time. After waking up, he quickly took a notebook and wrote it down. In addition to this slogan, he also suggested that KFC should launch Christmas package barrels during Christmas to attract consumers.
It is said that another reason is that several westerners living in Japan complained that they didn’t have a turkey dinner in Japan at Christmas, and the manager had a brainwave. So, buddy, come and have a KFC dinner. Anyway, it’s all chickens.
Since then, it has become a tradition to eat KFC in Japan for Christmas. In fact, there is commercial significance behind this. Although the Japanese have a long history of Christmas, they have not formed a unique culture, and what to eat at Christmas has always been a blank in the market. For example, it is a habit and custom to have a family reunion dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala in China during the Spring Festival. But what to eat at Christmas, the Japanese have never had a fixed habit. Until KFC’s marketing strategy changed this situation.
Moreover, KFC in Japan later strengthened its Christmas significance. They said that KFC’s grandfather looked like Santa Claus … So more Japanese chose to see this KFC grandfather who looked like Santa Claus at Christmas.
Besides eating KFC, if you happen to be in Tokyo, it is definitely a big loss not to see the brightly lit city on Christmas Eve. Whether it is a commercial block or a small park, this day will be shrouded in gorgeous lights containing whimsy and creativity. The images of reindeer, Christmas tree and Santa Claus will be displayed in various forms, and the trees on the roadside will also be lit by various colors of lights.
A few years ago, on Christmas Eve, I walked alone in Marunouchi Street in Tokyo, and was deeply moved by the romance at night. It is said that more than 200 trees on this 1.2-kilometer-long road are lit with shining lights, and there are about 930,000 light bulbs here to illuminate my Little Paradise.
In fact, we don’t have to be too critical of the festivals that emerge from time to time today. The background of their existence may be the planning of businesses, such as shopping, eating and having fun. But what about this? The important thing is, if real life makes you feel bored, what’s wrong with having fun in a festive atmosphere?
(Note: This article only represents the author’s personal views. Editor’s mailbox:

Speeding up the construction of western talent center and innovation highland Chongqing international talent exchange conference was held

  From December 16th to 17th, Chongqing International Talent Exchange Conference was held in Chongqing. Important guests and experts from 42 countries, regions and international organizations participated in the grand event. At the closing ceremony, talents and projects in Chongqing were collectively signed. According to statistics, this year’s conference introduced 2954 talents and 206 projects.

The signing site of Chongqing International Talent Exchange Conference. Photo courtesy of the organizer

  Academicians and experts offer suggestions and suggestions around talent construction.

  "At present, the construction of a modern new Chongqing is in a critical period, which requires the active participation of talents and strong intellectual support." Yuan Jiajun, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, said in his speech at the opening ceremony, "We have vigorously implemented the strategy of scientific and technological innovation and strengthening the city with talents, cultivated and introduced all kinds of talents in an all-round way, and accelerated the construction of the western talent center and innovative highland."

  Up to now, Chongqing’s total talent resources exceed 6.3 million people, and its talent density ranks first in the west. There are 105 national science and technology innovation platforms, and 69 disciplines have entered the top 1% of ESI (Basic Scientific Indicators Database) in the world.

  What kind of talents are needed in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and how to cultivate and gather talents?

  "The major technological infrastructure is ‘ The heavy weapon of the country ’ It has the unique advantages of cultivating, condensing talents and promoting international scientific and technological cooperation. " Bai Chunli, an academician of the China Academy of Sciences, said that he made a statistic and found that 30 of the Nobel Prize in Physics since 1951 were obviously related to major scientific and technological infrastructure, accounting for 48% of the prize-winning proportion. The major scientific and technological infrastructure is also an important platform for international scientific and technological cooperation and the implementation of international science plans. At present, China is in a critical period of accelerating the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and building a world-class scientific and technological power, and talents are the first resource.

  Bai Chunli said: "We must give full play to the unique role of the cradle of major scientific and technological infrastructure talents, so that these high-level scientific research platforms can continuously feed back the cultivation of talents and continuously improve the independent training ability of basic research talents."

  "Since the reform and opening up, the overall development trend and scale of talents in China are very good. The problem we are facing now is that there are many general talents and many strong talents, but the more we go up, the less top talents there are. " Shi Yigong, academician of China Academy of Sciences and president of West Lake University, put forward three suggestions on how to maintain the leading position of top talents. The first is long-term trust and stable support; Secondly, attach importance to young talents and support young people; Third, open cooperation, diversification will bring innovation drive.

  "I chose to join Changan Automobile because Changan Automobile has strong scientific and technological innovation. I chose to come to Chongqing Liangjiang New District because it has a solid industrial base, a vast market space and a high degree of openness. " Klaus Chijola, vice president of Chongqing Changan Automobile Company, mentioned the reason why he became attached to Chongqing in his keynote speech. He introduced that with the increasing globalization trend, Changan Design Center, as an important part of Changan Automobile, has formed an international professional layout. At the same time, Changan Automobile continuously integrates excellent human resources, promotes excellent product design, and strives to build a new global strategic partnership.

  Promote the talent chain and empower the industrial chain.

  This year, Chongqing proposed to build the strategic layout of "416" scientific and technological innovation and the construction of "33618" modern manufacturing cluster system, closely following the layout of talent chains in key industrial chains, and Chongqing played a "combination boxing" to attract outstanding talents to innovate and start businesses in Chongqing.

  At the opening ceremony, Chongqing’s scientific and technological research project "Revealing the List" was released, with a total of 28 projects covering intelligent networked new energy vehicles, advanced materials, intelligent equipment and other fields, with a list amount of 221 million yuan. Highlight the needs of the industry and the ability of innovation, and set up a high-level research team by giving play to the role of leading talents as "head geese" to concentrate on collaborative research.

  "Chongqing’s good talent base and scientific research advantages are important reasons for attracting our team to participate in this competition." Liang Feng, the winner of the "Xingyu Cup" International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Competition, "Research and Development of Multi-gene Combination Therapy for Anti-tumor and Anti-vaccine Based on MRNA Platform", said that he was going to set the research and development and manufacturing center of anti-tumor vaccine project in Chongqing. In this competition, a total of 1,369 outstanding talents competed with innovative and entrepreneurial projects, and 1,069 household units launched 19,000 positions to attract talents.

  At the closing ceremony, talents and projects were introduced for centralized signing cooperation. Of the 2,954 talents introduced by this year’s conference, 1,637 were involved in the "33,618" modern manufacturing cluster system, accounting for 55.42%; Among the 206 imported projects, the top three imported projects are manufacturing, information transmission, software and information technology services, scientific research and technical services.

  This time, a series of policies, such as the digital platform for talent work in Chongqing, the new Chongqing talent loan and the new Chongqing talent insurance, were released to facilitate the development of talents.

  In the next step, Chongqing will further implement the strategy of scientific and technological innovation and strengthening the city with talents, improve the overall intelligence, talent concentration, strategic support, policy competitiveness and ecological conservation in an all-round way, and build a platform and create opportunities for all kinds of talents.

(Editor: Han Mengchen)

48 China brands have entered the list of "Top 500 World Brands".

Beijing business today News (Reporter Jin Chaoli Cheng Liang) Recently, the World Brand Lab’s 2023 Top 500 World Brands list was announced, and 48 China brands entered the list of Top 500 World Brands. At the same time, 35 leading brands such as China Air China, Changhong and Haier Zhijia were selected as "2023 China Brand of the Year Award".

According to relevant analysis, the outstanding performance of domestic enterprises in brand first comes from continuous technological innovation and brand innovation, and constantly injects connotations such as fashion, trend and intelligence into brands, and promotes brand rejuvenation and upgrading, thus building their own industrial ecological moat.

According to the data, the "Top 500 World Brands" is judged on the basis of the brand’s world influence. The so-called brand influence refers to the brand’s ability to open up the market, occupy the market and make profits. According to the three key indicators of brand influence, namely, market share, brand loyalty and global leadership, the World Brand Lab comprehensively scored more than 8,000 famous brands around the world, and finally launched 500 most influential brands in the world.

7 am! Good news came from China football: Shandong Taishan made an important decision, and fans praised it in unison.

At 7: 00 a.m. Beijing time on November 3rd, the latest news came from China Football. According to the domestic media Jinan Times, next year, Taishan U21 team will participate in the 2024 League B in the name of Shandong Taishan B team, and this situation has also attracted the attention and discussion of many fans.

"Jinan Times" wrote: "Yesterday, the final stage of U21 League ushered in the penultimate round of competition. The top two U21 players in Taishan, Shandong Province had a direct dialogue with U21 in Shanghai Harbour.

In the end, Shandong Taishan U21 defeated its opponent with a score of 2-1, winning the U21 League championship this season one round ahead of schedule, and at the same time locking in the qualification for next season’s Chinese B League. "

According to the report of Jinan Times, Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province decided to let U21 team play in League B in the new season. Although the media did not disclose more information, the echelon of Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province was able to play in League B, which was not only good news for China football, but also attracted many fans’ praise in unison.

Some fans said: "Yes, we can continue to develop the U series league. The exposure of young players will increase and the development will be better." Some fans also said: "The youth training is well done. If there are 10 Luneng in China, it will not be so. At least Luneng has trained a large number of players such as Wang Yongpo, Han Peng, Liu Binbin, Zheng Zheng, Zhou Haibin, Wei Shihao, Xinghan Wu, Wang Tong, Fang Hao and Liu Yang. Only the Genbao base can compete with it. "

Of course, some fans said: "This is the real contribution to the national football. Some people in the comment area will say that Luneng has trained a few winners. Before asking this question, ask how many winners your home team has trained for the country. If you often pay attention to the leagues at all levels in China, you will find that there are countless players who have gone out of Luneng Football School. At least Luneng has done it and persisted for so many years, which is worthy of recognition! "