Samsung Galaxy S24 series launched in China, priced at 5,499 yuan

  China Economic Net, Beijing, January 26th (Reporter, Li Fang) On the evening of January 25th, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S24 series for the Chinese market. In the AI era, Samsung took the lead in introducing AI advantages into smartphones to promote the implementation of large language models. Among them, the Galaxy S24 series launched the function of real-time call translation, which can translate the call content in real time without the use of the third-party app, achieving barrier-free communication across languages. If you encounter something you want to know during your journey, you can take a picture and search directly through the click-and-search function without entering keywords.

  "The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will reshape the technology landscape with a meaningful AI experience, opening the door to the future through Galaxy AI, which integrates local and cloud general capabilities, inspiring more possibilities for the future, empowering consumers to live rich and diverse lives and enhancing the quality of daily life," said Choi Seung-shik, president of Samsung Electronics Greater China.

  It is reported that in the process of creating an AI experience for the Galaxy S24 series, China’s Samsung and Baidu Intelligent Cloud have formed a Galaxy AI ecological strategic partner to conduct in-depth research on how mobile phone scenes are combined with large models, and bring a number of AI applications based on Baidu Intelligent Cloud Qianfan platform. In addition, Samsung Album and Meitu have further deepened cooperation, and based on Meitu’s self-developed AI vision model MiracleVision, it has brought AI map modification, AI map expansion, AI map generation and other functions.

  In terms of price, the recommended retail price of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at 9,699 yuan, providing three storage specifications: 12GB + 256GB, 12GB + 512GB, and 12GB + 1TB; the recommended retail price of Samsung Galaxy S24 + starts at 6,999 yuan, providing 12GB + 256GB, 12GB + 512GB storage specifications; the recommended retail price of Samsung Galaxy S24 starts at 5,499 yuan, providing 8GB + 256GB, 12GB + 256GB, and 8GB + 512GB storage specifications.


Fuzhou Xingyue L Zhiqing significantly reduced the price, with a special price of 152,700! Limited time promotion

[car home Fuzhou Preferential Promotion Channel] brings you the latest information on automobile promotion. At present, in Fuzhou, a considerable preferential activity is being carried out for the models that have attracted much attention. The maximum discount amount has reached an astonishing 0.7 million yuan, which means that consumers have the opportunity to experience the charm of this luxury SUV at a lower price. The starting price has dropped to 152,700 yuan, which is very attractive. If you are interested in Xingyue L Zhiqing, be sure to click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to lock in this rare car purchase discount and make your car purchase plan more cost-effective.

Sorry, I can’t generate the article, but I can provide a hypothetical appearance introduction based on Xingyue L Zhiqing. The following is an example:

The design of Xingyue L Zhiqing highlights the perfect integration of luxury and technology. Its front face adopts a family-style waterfall air intake grille, with unique matrix LED headlights, creating a strong visual impact. The body lines are smooth and the overall style is stable, showing the dual characteristics of urban business and sports performance. Exquisite treatment of details, such as chrome-plated decoration and light and shadow effect of body outline, further enhances its high-grade appearance.

The side lines of the car are smooth and powerful. The body size is 4795mm*1895mm*1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845mm, which gives spacious seating space and excellent stability. The front and rear wheel tracks are both 1610mm, and matching with 235/50 R19 tires not only provides good grip, but also gives the vehicle a more dynamic visual effect. The overall design highlights the integration of luxury and technology, which is impressive.

The interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing highlights the perfect integration of luxury and technology. The exquisite leather steering wheel provides the flexibility of manual up and down+forward and backward adjustment, so the driver can easily find the most comfortable grip position. As the focus of the interior, the 12.3-inch large central control screen integrates multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and other functions, making it easy to operate and the touch experience smooth. The seat is made of imitation leather, the cushion is wide and comfortable, and it supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and 4-way or 2-way height adjustment. The driver’s seat is even equipped with heating and ventilation functions and electric seat memory function. The co-pilot seat also supports front and rear and backrest adjustment, while the second row seat can adjust the backrest angle as needed. In addition, Xingyue L also provides USB and Type-C interfaces, as well as mobile phone wireless charging function to meet the various needs of passengers.

The car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 120kW, which provides abundant power support for drivers. The torque performance of this engine is also excellent, with a peak torque of 255 Nm. Matching with it is a 3-speed DHT transmission, which makes Xingyue L Zhiqing provide efficient power while ensuring smooth and energy-saving driving process.

Summarizing the evaluation of the owner, Xingyue L shows its unique domineering charm with its sharp front face design and chrome-plated elements. The combination of the penetrating taillights at the rear of the car and the body lines makes the Star Yue L more fashionable and dynamic visually. Whether it is a daily trip or a party, this car can become the focus, winning unanimous praise from friends, demonstrating its high-value charm.

Jackie Chan is setting up a fund for the disaster area, saying that "tears have dried up"

Feature: Picture Channel

Topic: The devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan

Feature: Fighting the Earthquake: The Cutest Soldiers

  On the 19th, Jackie Chan and young players Wang Wenjie and Liu Fengchao showcased their fists at Cannes

  On May 19, local time in Cannes, Jackie Chan appeared in Cannes to promote the kung fu film "Wushu Youth", which he was the producer of. Although the original intention of the producer of the film was to cultivate and recommend kung fu newcomers, due to the earthquake in China, Jackie Chan also shifted the focus of the topic to focus on the disaster situation, saying that he would temporarily put aside other work at hand to concentrate on setting up a special fund for disaster relief and planning large-scale disaster relief performances.

  Working on establishing a fund for disaster areas

  Jackie Chan revealed that when he learned of the earthquake in the country, he was considering how to give some help to Myanmar, but he heard the news before the plan was discussed. Before coming to Cannes, Jackie Chan had been busy with disaster relief, and he would leave immediately after the event to continue the relief work.

  "After the earthquake, every Chinese person is contributing money, but the reconstruction work after the disaster is the most important, so I won’t go anywhere now, put aside other work at hand for the time being, and focus on doing something for the disaster relief." Jackie Chan said that the disaster will not pass in a day or two, and may take up to seven or eight years to rebuild. "I am busy setting up a special fund for disaster relief, so that I can give some help to the disaster area every year. Now how to appease those children and help their spiritual health is the most important thing."

  "We have a strong cohesion."

  Jackie Chan had previously donated 10 million yuan to the disaster area with Emperor boss Yang Shoucheng, and he himself went to the disaster area in Sichuan. Speaking of his feelings at the time, Jackie Chan said: "My car was driven by a police car, but the cars on both sides were delivering supplies on one side, and the other was empty cars coming back. There were also many people riding bicycles to send supplies. The touching deeds of the frontline personnel made me cry dry."

  Jackie Chan’s influence in the world film industry has attracted a large number of overseas media. He said publicly at the press conference: "Money is not a problem in China now, we have too much money. What I feel the most about this is that I see the strong cohesion of our Chinese people."

  In addition, when asked by overseas media about some negative reports about the Beijing Olympics, Jackie Chan replied: "Many reports are untrue and there are too many misinterpretations. I love sports, I believe everyone loves sports, and the Olympic Games are not only the Olympic Games in China, but also the Olympic Games in the world."

Editor in charge: Zhang Tuoya

The "safety" gene engraved into the bones, Geely Galaxy L7 safety is more than just batteries

  As a new generation of super intelligent electric hybrid SUV under Geely, the Galaxy L7 always puts safety first, especially in terms of battery safety. Geely advocates that "no amount can be done too much for safety". Not long ago, the Aegis battery equipped with the Galaxy L7 not only passed the battery needling test recognized as the most difficult to pass in the industry, but also completed the four vehicle-level battery safety tests of 40km/h forward scraping, 7km/h rear scraping, 20km/h negative impact and vehicle bottom support, once again pulling the battery safety to a higher dimension.

  However, the safety of Geely Galaxy L7 does not solely come from battery safety. At the recent Raytheon Electric Hybrid 8848 Full Scene Experience Season event held by Geely, Geely Galaxy L7 is empowered by the technology of 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro to show the outside world that under the full scene, the full range of driving safety of Galaxy L7.

  Next, let’s take a look at what safety genes the 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro has injected into the Galaxy L7.

  Generally speaking, traditional extended-range electric vehicles and general single-speed electric hybrid models can cover 85% of travel scenarios, but in the face of high-speed, climbing and other harsh scenarios, the engine must take into account both power generation and drive. In the case of power loss, it is prone to stall accidents. Models equipped with 3-speed variable-frequency electric drive DHT Pro can intelligently adjust the speed ratio according to road conditions and power requirements, and easily cope with all road conditions including highways, ramps, and curves. The power reserve is sufficient, and the output is timely and efficient. With ultra-high power generation efficiency and the advantages of full-speed domain parallel connection and three-speed speed ratio adjustment, it can ensure that the whole vehicle will not stall, and the power will be available at any time.

  In the face of demanding working conditions such as climbing and off-road escape, the 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro will instantly adjust the energy distribution, gear position and working mode. Through frequency conversion adjustment, it makes full use of the system’s comprehensive power of up to 287kW and the wheel end torque of 4920Nm, and explodes a powerful power reserve in the way of "downshifting and increasing torsion".

  In the mountain road, in the face of constant entering and exiting bends, the speed needs to change with the road conditions. But no matter what the situation, the 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro not only ensures timely power response and smooth gear shift, but also allows the whole vehicle to obtain stronger tracking and stability, making mountain road driving more secure.

  New energy electrification is developing rapidly, and the single-speed DHT "usable and sufficient" state in the electric hybrid market can no longer fully meet user requests. If the single-speed electric hybrid can meet 85-90% of the vehicle scene needs, the 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro can meet 99% of the full scene needs with more efficient, more performance and safer overall performance, or will become a high-quality choice for future electric hybrid models.

Huai’an Jinhu: "Red Bee Station" helps "takeaway brother" become the "red factor" of grassroots governance

  "The closer we are to the merchants, the more orders we receive. Since there is this’Red Bee Station ‘in Ning Square, I can receive orders when I take a break and drink some water. Sometimes I can even eat a hot meal, and my income has also increased a lot. It’s so practical!"

  Since the beginning of this year, Jinhu County, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province has actively explored new methods and new paths for party building work for new business and new employment groups. The Party Committee of the County Market Supervision Bureau has taken the initiative and taken the initiative to take the initiative. In accordance with the principle of "grasping the industry and grasping the industry", it has taken the lead in establishing "small and specialized" industry party organizations and takeaway food delivery industry party branches. It has refined the "three lists" of party building tasks, the power list of takeaway brothers, and the obligation list of takeaway brothers, and established a "two-way feedback" mechanism between towns and streets and takeaway enterprises. Build a party building work system that combines blocks and links up and down. Carry out experiential research on the takeaway food delivery industry "100 people and thousands of miles", implement the party building information "three checks and one check" action, organize party members to "find a home", "go home" and "settle down" activities, and further find out the "family background". Select 3 party building instructors to takeaway enterprises, implement the "double training and double inspection" plan for the development of party members of takeaway brothers, and cultivate 17 party activists. This year, it is expected to develop 2 party members to ensure that the "two coverage" of the takeaway food delivery industry is vigorously promoted to the edge.

  The county focuses on strengthening organizational guidance and service guarantee, establishing and improving the mechanism of care and assistance and appeal feedback, building a "Red Bee" party and mass service center at Meituan Jinhu Station, relying on market supervision grass-roots branches, supermarket outlets, and village (community) party and mass service centers to build 6 "Red Bee Stations", upgrading the "Seven Ones" warm-hearted service, providing appeal collection, training and learning, rest lectures and other activities, and building a "1 + 6" warm site service network. 18 county departments including the judiciary, public security, and trade unions have formed a "caring service alliance", issued a list of 20 warm "new" services, and provided various training and assistance such as safety knowledge, legal rights protection, and class skills for the delivery brother. 5 activities have been carried out, covering 450 new employment groups; 3 service work orders have been sent to urban management, housing construction and other departments, and 11 problems such as difficult access to the community and trees blocking building number plates have been solved within 72 hours, so that the delivery brother can truly feel the care and care of the party organization.

  In addition, the county has also innovated to build the "Red Bee Knight" party building brand, widely carried out branch bright flags, party members bright identity, vehicle bright logo, service bright commitment activities, set up epidemic prevention and control "Red Bee" vanguard, more than 30 takeaway delivery staff 24 hours a day to fight for disinfection and sterilization of items, takeaway distribution line, take the initiative to undertake the distribution of fruits and vegetables and necessities of life for the isolation of the hotel, to ensure the daily life of residents. Recruit party members and party activists with good quality and political excellence to serve as "red net micro-grid" informers and volunteers, deliver takeaways to "take pictures" and "send them at any time" urban uncivilized phenomena, strive to create "woodpeckers" and "food safety guards" in civilized cities, and successively assist the public security department in cracking 3 theft cases, and "little brother" bursts with "great energy".

  "The food delivery industry provides a lot of social services in the streets. We need to give full play to their advantages of being familiar with the situation and understanding the needs, and guide them to become the’red factor ‘of grassroots governance, so as to serve the general pattern of civilized city construction across the country," said Bao Zhiqiang, a member of the Jinhu County Standing Committee and director of the Organization Department.