Huai’an Jinhu: "Red Bee Station" helps "takeaway brother" become the "red factor" of grassroots governance

  "The closer we are to the merchants, the more orders we receive. Since there is this’Red Bee Station ‘in Ning Square, I can receive orders when I take a break and drink some water. Sometimes I can even eat a hot meal, and my income has also increased a lot. It’s so practical!"

  Since the beginning of this year, Jinhu County, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province has actively explored new methods and new paths for party building work for new business and new employment groups. The Party Committee of the County Market Supervision Bureau has taken the initiative and taken the initiative to take the initiative. In accordance with the principle of "grasping the industry and grasping the industry", it has taken the lead in establishing "small and specialized" industry party organizations and takeaway food delivery industry party branches. It has refined the "three lists" of party building tasks, the power list of takeaway brothers, and the obligation list of takeaway brothers, and established a "two-way feedback" mechanism between towns and streets and takeaway enterprises. Build a party building work system that combines blocks and links up and down. Carry out experiential research on the takeaway food delivery industry "100 people and thousands of miles", implement the party building information "three checks and one check" action, organize party members to "find a home", "go home" and "settle down" activities, and further find out the "family background". Select 3 party building instructors to takeaway enterprises, implement the "double training and double inspection" plan for the development of party members of takeaway brothers, and cultivate 17 party activists. This year, it is expected to develop 2 party members to ensure that the "two coverage" of the takeaway food delivery industry is vigorously promoted to the edge.

  The county focuses on strengthening organizational guidance and service guarantee, establishing and improving the mechanism of care and assistance and appeal feedback, building a "Red Bee" party and mass service center at Meituan Jinhu Station, relying on market supervision grass-roots branches, supermarket outlets, and village (community) party and mass service centers to build 6 "Red Bee Stations", upgrading the "Seven Ones" warm-hearted service, providing appeal collection, training and learning, rest lectures and other activities, and building a "1 + 6" warm site service network. 18 county departments including the judiciary, public security, and trade unions have formed a "caring service alliance", issued a list of 20 warm "new" services, and provided various training and assistance such as safety knowledge, legal rights protection, and class skills for the delivery brother. 5 activities have been carried out, covering 450 new employment groups; 3 service work orders have been sent to urban management, housing construction and other departments, and 11 problems such as difficult access to the community and trees blocking building number plates have been solved within 72 hours, so that the delivery brother can truly feel the care and care of the party organization.

  In addition, the county has also innovated to build the "Red Bee Knight" party building brand, widely carried out branch bright flags, party members bright identity, vehicle bright logo, service bright commitment activities, set up epidemic prevention and control "Red Bee" vanguard, more than 30 takeaway delivery staff 24 hours a day to fight for disinfection and sterilization of items, takeaway distribution line, take the initiative to undertake the distribution of fruits and vegetables and necessities of life for the isolation of the hotel, to ensure the daily life of residents. Recruit party members and party activists with good quality and political excellence to serve as "red net micro-grid" informers and volunteers, deliver takeaways to "take pictures" and "send them at any time" urban uncivilized phenomena, strive to create "woodpeckers" and "food safety guards" in civilized cities, and successively assist the public security department in cracking 3 theft cases, and "little brother" bursts with "great energy".

  "The food delivery industry provides a lot of social services in the streets. We need to give full play to their advantages of being familiar with the situation and understanding the needs, and guide them to become the’red factor ‘of grassroots governance, so as to serve the general pattern of civilized city construction across the country," said Bao Zhiqiang, a member of the Jinhu County Standing Committee and director of the Organization Department.