Hao Jingfang won the Hugo Award for Beijing Folding: I don’t want the novel to come true.

  Yesterday morning, Beijing time, just a few minutes before the China women’s volleyball team won the championship in Rio, good news came back from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Hao Jingfang, a female writer, won the Best Short Story Award in the 74th Hugo Award for her "Folding Beijing". Hugo Award is known as the Nobel Prize in Literature of science fiction, which is the second China writer to win the award after Liu Cixin’s Three-body. In her speech, she said, "I don’t want my novel to come true. I sincerely hope that the future will be brighter."

  acceptance speech

  I hope the future is brighter.

  Last year, Liu Cixin won the Hugo Award with the English version of Three-body, which promoted the development of the whole science fiction industry in China. This year, Hao Jingfang continued to heat up from being shortlisted to winning the award again. Coincidentally, the English translators of their winning works are both Chinese science fiction writers Liu Yukun. At the end of April this year, Hao Jingfang won the attention of domestic publishers after being shortlisted for the Hugo Award. First, he published the autobiographical novel Born in 1984, and then he concentrated on publishing Lonely Deep, Far Away and Wandering Sky.

  In the face of outside enthusiasm, Hao Jingfang himself is relatively calm. In an interview with the Beijing Times, she said that she didn’t want to create a cage for herself. "Too much attention may not be a good thing, which will affect the pace of life." Before the winners were announced yesterday, she was in a normal and tangled state. On the one hand, she felt that "winning the prize was not completely unexpected", on the other hand, she was thinking about going to the loser’s party.

  When Hao Jingfang delivered her acceptance speech, she expressed her thoughts on the plot setting in the novel. She said, "Science fiction writers like to consider all possibilities, good or bad, lucky or unlucky. They will discuss what strategies to adopt to deal with aliens and so on. Basically, they live in countless parallel universes. In the novel Beijing Folding, I put forward a possibility of the future and faced various problems. At the same time, I also put forward a solution, which is obviously not the best result, but it is not the worst. I personally don’t want my novel to come true. I sincerely hope that the future will be brighter. "

  Inner circle reaction

  Liu Cixin: I find it hard to believe that she wrote it.

  China’s science fiction literature circle is not big, and Liu Cixin has always appreciated Hao Jingfang. He once compared Hao Jingfang’s style with the works of science fiction master Ray Bradbury, saying that "she sprinkled a poetic sunshine on our common science fiction themes". At the Shanghai Book Fair yesterday, Liu Cixin launched and signed the English version of the trilogy "Three-body", and nearly a thousand copies were signed on the spot, which shows the popularity.

  After learning that Hao Jingfang won the prize, he first expressed his congratulations. When talking about the work "Beijing Folding", Liu Cixin said that it was well written: "This work is very different from her previous works. If you just show me this work, I can hardly believe that it was written by her. Jing Fang’s previous works are very beautiful and elegant, and because she has a doctorate in economics, her settings are all based on the economy. " Hao Jingfang once said that her novel wanted to write the "warmth" of this cruel setting.

  During the signing process, a reader asked Liu Cixin if he would write short stories in the near future. Liu Cixin said: "At the beginning, I wrote a lot of short stories, mainly because it was difficult to send long stories at that time." In just two years, Chinese people’s enthusiasm for science fiction has rapidly warmed up. Yao Haijun, editor-in-chief of Science Fiction World magazine, believes that Liu Cixin’s award has ignited Chinese people’s enthusiasm for science fiction, while Hao Jingfang’s award will help readers adjust their mentality to normal.

  Who’s Hao Jingfang?

  Hao Jingfang was born in Tianjin in 1984. At the age of 9, he read "100,000 Why" and decided to become a scientist. In 2002, he won the first prize in the 4th New Concept Composition Competition. When she was shortlisted for the Hugo Award, a Zhihu netizen said, "This girl was a scholar in the class next door that year. The ranking she took in the new concept composition seemed to be enough for the Chinese Department of Peking University to be exempted from the exam, and then she was admitted to the Physics Department of Tsinghua. At that time, I also thought that this kind of learning god appeared in the list of scientific research cows a few years later. As a result, I saw that she was nominated for the Hugo Award. It was really IQ crushing all the time. "

  In 2006, Hao Jingfang graduated from the Department of Physics in Tsinghua University and entered the Tsinghua University Astrophysics Center. In this year, he officially began to write science fiction. So far, he has published the novel Wandering in the Sky, the collection of short stories, such as Star Traveler, Far Away and Lonely Deep. Later, Hao Jingfang transferred to Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management to pursue a doctorate, and in 2013, he began to work for China Development Research Foundation.

  In the novel "Beijing Folding", she fictionalized Beijing as a triple space, and people in each space were in different situations. The protagonist was a garbage man, Lao Dao, who ventured to deliver letters in other spaces in order to pay the kindergarten tuition for the picked-up children. At present, the novel is included in the new book "Lonely Deep". In addition, the reporter learned from Palm Reading Technology that the electronic version of "Lonely Deep" has downloaded more than 300,000 copies in just two months since it was launched on June 17.

  Jinghua Times reporter Tian Chao

China Granary | Inner Mongolia: Small potatoes support the billion-dollar industry "Jin Doudou" to help farmers increase their income and get rich.

CCTV News:Wulanchabu, which has the reputation of "Potato Capital of China", is located in the yinshan mountains, with large temperature difference between day and night and abundant sunshine. It is a golden potato planting belt, and its output accounts for nearly half of that of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In these two days, Chayou Houqi in Wulanchabu ushered in a bumper potato harvest.

Reporter Yuan Yi:Do you think the potatoes in my hand are different from what I usually see? Its skin is red, and its name is "Houqihong". There is Ulan Hada volcano in Chayouhouqi where we are located, and these potatoes grow at the foot of the volcano. These potatoes can be said to be "drinking" volcanic magma mineral water and "enjoying" the sufficient sunshine at 41 north latitude.

Reporter Yuan Yi:Potatoes taste really good. Now the potatoes here have entered the harvest period, and harvesting potatoes is also very knowledgeable. Potato skins are thin and easy to be scratched, so they are all sorted manually. The colors of these bags are different. Look, this big sister’s bag is white, and the potatoes in it are quite big.

Farmers:Generally, it is more than three or two.

Reporter Yuan Yi:Smaller potatoes like this will be put in yellow bags.

Reporter Yuan Yi:How much can I charge a day?

Farmers:More than 200 bags.

Reporter Yuan Yi:Collecting potatoes in this field depends on unity and cooperation, and the separation of all the way is another harvest scene. The potatoes planted in this nearly 700-mu field are mainly used for starch processing. This working combine harvester works from turning the soil, shaking the soil and bagging in one go. From a distance, this big guy seems a bit heavy, but from a shooting perspective on the machine, we can see that the potatoes are spinning rapidly on the conveyor belt, and its efficiency can reach 5 mu per hour.

Although the seed potato is small, it undertakes the heaviest task, and one can sell for 3 to 50 cents, because it determines the yield of potatoes.

In addition to deep cultivation of potatoes, extending the industrial chain can double the price of potatoes. Here are all products processed with potatoes, including potato chips and environmentally-friendly disposable lunch boxes. At present, the total value of the whole potato industry chain in Inner Mongolia is 13 billion yuan, so it can be said that "small potatoes" have become the "Jin Doudou" for farmers to increase their income and get rich.

Picturesque novel

Wisteria (Chinese painting) Wu Guanzhong is selected from the Chinese Art Palace (Shanghai Art Museum) "Chinese Scenery-Lin Fengmian and Wu Guanzhong Art Exhibition"

I read Wang Zengqi’s novel "The Apprentice", in which I wrote that the great grandfather of the fourth season was jealous of the people, and I thought of Mr. Wang himself.

Mr. Wang is famous for painting, and he also wants to be a painter. His father is a painter. He went to The National SouthWest Associated University at the age of 19. Mr. Wang once said that if he failed, he would go to the National College of Fine Arts. However, Mr. Wang has been admitted. If he fails, he will go to the Art College. Perhaps there will be another master in the history of modern painting in China.

The plot of The Appreciator is very simple, telling the story of a great painter and a fruit delivery vendor. It is also a story about a bosom friend. We all know that Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, one playing the piano and the other listening to the piano, performed a deep feeling of "high mountains and flowing water". Although Ye San is a fruit vendor, he knows Ji Xianmin and his paintings. Ji Xianmin’s paintings are never seen by people, but he can see them in Yuzryha. Ye San’s appreciation of his paintings is what Ji Xianmin is proud of. Ji Jian-min painted the wrong lotus, and Ye San pointed it out, so Ji Jian-min repainted it and gave it to Ye San. Sometimes Ji Jian-min gave Ye San a painting without the title, and Yuzryha San could sell it. Ye San said, I won’t sell any of your paintings. Sure enough, after Ye San’s death, according to his will, his son buried all the paintings given by Ji Yumin.

Mr. Wang Zengqi knows Chinese painting. He wrote this novel to pay tribute to the literati paintings in China after the Song and Yuan Dynasties (he knew many painters in ancient China), and also devoted his understanding of China ink painting (including techniques) to the text. For example, Mr. Wang painted the ink lotus and wisteria, such as "there is wind in wisteria, and the flowers are messy". Mr. Wang himself painted many wisteria with this kind of messy flowers.

During his visit to Iowa, Mr. Wang gave a speech entitled "My Creative Career". When talking about the relationship between China’s literature and painting, he said that some people say that his novels are poetic novels, but he hopes that some people will say that his novels are picturesque novels.

This is really what Mr. Wang hopes, and it is also the case. Mr. Wang’s works are indeed full of painting meaning-China’s ink spirit, the art of blank space in Chinese painting.

He also visited some art galleries and museums in America. In the Boston Museum, he saw a Song Huizong’s copy of Zhang Xuan’s "Dao Lian Tu" and admired it immensely. He mentioned this painting in a conversation and said, "That thread is so long that I can’t wait to kowtow to it when I write it." In the novel, Mr. Wang used Zhang Daqian to write about the painting of Mohe lotus by Ji Yumin, saying that "the lotus leaves he painted are not hooked, and the lotus stalks are not pricked, and he likes to make them long, and the lotus stalks are very long, and they are all in one stroke." This is all Mr. Wang’s own experience.

Author: Subei

Text: Northern Jiangsu Picture: Wu Guanzhong Editor: Wu Dongkun Editor: Shu Ming

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On February day, Yangliu was drunk with spring smoke.

On March 3, the mountains and grass are long.

The most beautiful day is April on earth.

A spring river is as green as blue.

A song "Shang Chun Shan"

A good spring scene

Do you know that?/You know what?

Many lyrics in this song.

All from ancient and modern poems

Follow the pace of Xiao Bu

Go to the spring mountain, taste poetry and enjoy the spring scenery!


Green leaves quiver

Slight rain in the pool

Teeth of willow branches are exposed.

Nianhua Bay at the foot of Lingshan Mountain

Always full of vigor and vitality.

Meet with you

Until the spring flowers bloom

Take a small train into spring.

Sail for a new year.


Yixing Longchi Mountain

Be included in the "ecological island" experimental area.

Rich terrain

Open scenery

Make this a cycling resort.

Attracted countless "chasing green teenagers"

This spring day

Come to Longchi Mountain to see the green.

See the green.

From the ground to the treetops

Dyed all over the mountains

Quietly wake up the sleeping world.


Yangshan Mountain in Spring

Tens of thousands of acres of peach blossoms are about to bloom.

By then, the whole peach town

Will be dyed pink

Beautiful as a dream

As if straying into the Peach Blossom Garden

Time is tender, and years are fragrant.

Flowers bloom, and spring is long.


In the brilliant spring.

Huishan Ancient Town at the Foot of Huishan Mountain

It is brewing spring.

Dewar white walls, cornices and arches

In the brilliant spring.

The artistic conception of Magnolia in the ancient town is carefree.

Pure and elegant petals

Like soaking in snow, like carving with jade.


Snow Mountain in Spring

Lavender garden flowers are getting stronger and stronger.

Away from the noise of the city

Stay away from distractions.

Under the blue sky, in the breeze, in the sunshine.

Listen to lavender talk about those

Romantic story

Of course, it’s not just lavender.

There are many other flowers and plants.

Snow Mountain in Spring

Flowers full of branches, beautiful.

Stop and go all the way

You can have a panoramic view of all the flowers ~



West to the mountain of Yuantouzhu Scenic Area.

Panshan Road overlooking the mountain.

Like a necklace

gaze into the distance

Beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake and Lihu Lake

Can be seen at a glance

This is one of the most artistic mountain roads in Wuxi.

Walking on the mountain road

You can enjoy the natural ecological beauty.

Every step is picturesque.

In the pond at the foot of Baojie Mountain in spring.

Lotus leaves have already been connected into pieces.

Blossoming water lilies under the call of spring breeze

Her face half-hidden behind the lute in her arms


Doosan in spring

Hua kai Zheng Yan

The unique "Doushan Dwarf Fog" in spring

Embrace the whole mountain village in your arms

Truth to softness, goodness to beauty.


There is an old saying that "Wuxi Xishan Mountain Wuxi"

Longguang Tower and Longguang Temple were built on the top of Xishan Mountain.

Although the mountain is not high, there are many scenic spots.

Spring scenery is even more intoxicating.

Green is the background color of spring.

At the foot of Xishan, Jichang Garden is in the clear green.

It’s spring on the face.

Green is surging and full of vitality.

And with a little delicate agility.

Looking up, there are blue sky and white clouds.

Longguang Tower stood firm.

Looking back, a garden was built on the water.

Jiangnan spring scenery brings out the best in each other.


Look southwest

Lake light and spring scenery

Have a panoramic view at this moment

If you climb Luding Mountain,

You can enjoy the magnificent scenery of one mountain and two lakes.

Looking at Taihu Lake, there are vast waves of smoke.

Looking at Lihu Lake, the fog hides ripples.

Zhu Chuntao and Wan Lang rolled snow.

In the "Beautiful Place of Taihu Lake"

Encounter a cherry blossom falling on a beautiful shoulder.

From the lake to the valley, from the water to the pavilion.

All the way, fragrance all the way.

Have some elegance.

The cherry blossoms in the sky are piled with clouds and snow.

Like a fairyland on earth

The spring breeze blows gently, and the English is colorful.

Tourists are weaving under the cherry trees.

Or taking pictures, or joking.

Every picture reveals

Endless beauty and gentleness

These poems

How many songs did you hear?

Come and leave a message to share ~

Original title: "Upper Spring Mountain"