Taking stock of the "8D Magic" cities on the observation deck of Chongqing tourism in online celebrity, it is well-deserved.

  China. com, August 29th-To say that the most puzzling "scenic spot" in Chongqing in 8D, the second line of Liziba Light Rail passes through the building, which attracts too many foreigners to punch in, and the enthusiasm of foreigners also makes Chongqing people puzzled.

  On August 21st, the viewing platform of Liziba, which was built at the request of tourists, was officially opened to tourists. This is the first completed upgrading project of online celebrity scenic spots after Chongqing suddenly became the "online celebrity" on May 1st this year.

  Chongqing, a three-dimensional city, has such magical observation platforms. Below, let’s take stock of all kinds of online celebrity observation platforms in Chongqing to make the Chongqing travel photo in your mobile phone even more amazing.

  Pet powder maniac: Liziba observation deck

  Is there a track line 2 or a building first? This question is like "which comes first, the chicken or the egg" for foreigners who go to the Liziba observation deck.

  When the Liziba Light Rail passes through the building, Chongqing people never expected that it would catch fire. All Liziba roadsides were not set up before, so tourists had to stand on the sidewalk less than two meters and look up. The angle was not good. When a train passed by, they left with a click, and the bus had to stop and leave.

  The amazing passenger flow brought by Chongqing, online celebrity, the Yuzhong District Government decided to start building the Liziba observation deck in May this year, just to make it safer for you to look up at Line 2. So willful, no wonder Chongqing will be called a pet powder maniac by netizens.

  Yesterday, Xiao Bian saw from the scene that after the opening of the Liziba observation deck, the view of the light rail crossing the building was much better than in the past, that is, the legendary best viewing angle of 33. The most important thing is not to worry about being crowded into the road by people. This is good news for tourists who go to Chongqing on the Mid-Autumn National Day.

  From this observation deck, you can fully realize that there are two floors of roads in the mountain city of Chongqing. Of course, there is also a famous "three-floor road" above Liziba on the second light rail line. Do a good calculation. How many floors of roads are there in the mountain city? By the way, think again, whether there is a track or a building first.

  Stunning punch: Hongyadong observation deck

  Hongyadong, the first scenic spot in online celebrity in Chongqing, used to play in the same way: take a photo of Hongyadong Chihiro on Qiansimien Bridge or Jiabin Road and feel the fantastic Chongqing on the cliff.

  Have you ever tried to take a leisurely walk down Cangbai Road from the top of Hongyadong, and first look at the night view of Jiangbei on the observation deck of Hongyadong? This is the best view and angle to shoot the glittering bank buildings in Jiangbei CBD!

  Hongyadong observation deck is located on the top floor of Hongyadong, with a small area of only a few dozen square meters. From this perspective, you can not only see online celebrity buildings such as the Grand Theatre, but also take pictures of Qiansimen Bridge, which shows that Chongqing is the capital of the bridge, and the train of Track 6 is still running on the lower floor of the bridge.

  Jiangbei mouth’s building curtain wall, after special programming, is equivalent to a huge TV screen, which can show a huge picture. If you record a short video and bring the surging Jialing River in, it may be a fire.

  By the way, there is also a huge dam in front of Chongqing Grand Theatre in jiangbei mouth. There are few people, and you can see the panoramic view of Yuzhong Peninsula. This is also a good viewing platform.

  God’s perspective: WFC observation deck

  The mother city of Yuzhong in Chongqing is surrounded by two rivers, and most of the scenic spots in online celebrity in Chongqing are on Yuzhong Peninsula. But if you want to see the whole picture of Yuzhong Peninsula, you need to go to Jiangbei or Nan ‘an. Is there any place where you can catch a glimpse of Chongqing from the perspective of God?

  Yes, this place is the observation deck of Huixianlou, WFC, located in Jie Fangbei. This observation deck, which has only been open for one year, is currently the highest in Chongqing at a height of 339 meters. In addition, it is located in a higher position in the mother city of Yuzhong. The observation deck on the 73rd floor can see the whole picture of the core area of Chongqing’s main city, whether it is Yuzhong Peninsula or Jiangbei, Nan ‘an, Jiangcheng and Shancheng in Chongqing. The observation deck is also air-conditioned, so you don’t have to sweat.

  There is also a traditional panoramic viewing platform in Chongqing, that is, a tree viewing platform. However, the people who go up are mostly tourists from travel agencies, and the road up the mountain is also prone to traffic jams, which is also a good angle to see Chongqing surrounded by rivers.

  Guinness in Chongqing: Ordovician Sky Hanging Gallery Observation Platform

  There are only two scenic spots in online celebrity outside the main city of Chongqing summarized by Chongqing Tourism Commission, one of which is Wansheng Ordovician scenic spot, where there is an observation deck that has created the Guinness World Record — — Hanging gallery in the sky.

  Wansheng Ordovician scenic spot is two hours’ drive from the core area of Chongqing’s main city, and all online travel platforms have one-day tours to book. The Ordovician scenic spot was built on a mountain cliff at an altitude of 1,200 meters. Last year, the Sky Hanging Gallery observation deck was a glass plank road that extended 69.6 meters from the cliff, standing at the top of the glass plank road. In addition to the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky.’s visual wonder, you can also feel the slight vibration under your feet — — This sky gallery is a glass bridge with only one support point, which is very wonderful.

  After all, the Ordovician is two hours’ drive from the main city. There are not only sky hanging corridors here, but also the "extreme leap" and the "cliff swing" in which Tik Tok is in a mess. The former is equivalent to playing a real-life version of "jumping" on the hollow staircase outside the cliff, while the latter is equivalent to flying down from the sixth floor. Every time the electromagnet is released, it is a scream. The height of your foot is not only 18 meters.

  By the way, the 20-meter cliff swing in Ordovician scenic spot will be opened in September, with a higher position and flying farther. At the same time, there are a number of new cliff thrilling projects.

  Almost all the projects in this scenic spot are built on cliffs. When you go, you will know that Chongqing, the "city of the sky", has another form of expression in the Ordovician scenic spot. (Correspondent Zhou Hui)

Hao Jingfang won the Hugo Award for Beijing Folding: I don’t want the novel to come true.

  Yesterday morning, Beijing time, just a few minutes before the China women’s volleyball team won the championship in Rio, good news came back from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Hao Jingfang, a female writer, won the Best Short Story Award in the 74th Hugo Award for her "Folding Beijing". Hugo Award is known as the Nobel Prize in Literature of science fiction, which is the second China writer to win the award after Liu Cixin’s Three-body. In her speech, she said, "I don’t want my novel to come true. I sincerely hope that the future will be brighter."

  acceptance speech

  I hope the future is brighter.

  Last year, Liu Cixin won the Hugo Award with the English version of Three-body, which promoted the development of the whole science fiction industry in China. This year, Hao Jingfang continued to heat up from being shortlisted to winning the award again. Coincidentally, the English translators of their winning works are both Chinese science fiction writers Liu Yukun. At the end of April this year, Hao Jingfang won the attention of domestic publishers after being shortlisted for the Hugo Award. First, he published the autobiographical novel Born in 1984, and then he concentrated on publishing Lonely Deep, Far Away and Wandering Sky.

  In the face of outside enthusiasm, Hao Jingfang himself is relatively calm. In an interview with the Beijing Times, she said that she didn’t want to create a cage for herself. "Too much attention may not be a good thing, which will affect the pace of life." Before the winners were announced yesterday, she was in a normal and tangled state. On the one hand, she felt that "winning the prize was not completely unexpected", on the other hand, she was thinking about going to the loser’s party.

  When Hao Jingfang delivered her acceptance speech, she expressed her thoughts on the plot setting in the novel. She said, "Science fiction writers like to consider all possibilities, good or bad, lucky or unlucky. They will discuss what strategies to adopt to deal with aliens and so on. Basically, they live in countless parallel universes. In the novel Beijing Folding, I put forward a possibility of the future and faced various problems. At the same time, I also put forward a solution, which is obviously not the best result, but it is not the worst. I personally don’t want my novel to come true. I sincerely hope that the future will be brighter. "

  Inner circle reaction

  Liu Cixin: I find it hard to believe that she wrote it.

  China’s science fiction literature circle is not big, and Liu Cixin has always appreciated Hao Jingfang. He once compared Hao Jingfang’s style with the works of science fiction master Ray Bradbury, saying that "she sprinkled a poetic sunshine on our common science fiction themes". At the Shanghai Book Fair yesterday, Liu Cixin launched and signed the English version of the trilogy "Three-body", and nearly a thousand copies were signed on the spot, which shows the popularity.

  After learning that Hao Jingfang won the prize, he first expressed his congratulations. When talking about the work "Beijing Folding", Liu Cixin said that it was well written: "This work is very different from her previous works. If you just show me this work, I can hardly believe that it was written by her. Jing Fang’s previous works are very beautiful and elegant, and because she has a doctorate in economics, her settings are all based on the economy. " Hao Jingfang once said that her novel wanted to write the "warmth" of this cruel setting.

  During the signing process, a reader asked Liu Cixin if he would write short stories in the near future. Liu Cixin said: "At the beginning, I wrote a lot of short stories, mainly because it was difficult to send long stories at that time." In just two years, Chinese people’s enthusiasm for science fiction has rapidly warmed up. Yao Haijun, editor-in-chief of Science Fiction World magazine, believes that Liu Cixin’s award has ignited Chinese people’s enthusiasm for science fiction, while Hao Jingfang’s award will help readers adjust their mentality to normal.

  Who’s Hao Jingfang?

  Hao Jingfang was born in Tianjin in 1984. At the age of 9, he read "100,000 Why" and decided to become a scientist. In 2002, he won the first prize in the 4th New Concept Composition Competition. When she was shortlisted for the Hugo Award, a Zhihu netizen said, "This girl was a scholar in the class next door that year. The ranking she took in the new concept composition seemed to be enough for the Chinese Department of Peking University to be exempted from the exam, and then she was admitted to the Physics Department of Tsinghua. At that time, I also thought that this kind of learning god appeared in the list of scientific research cows a few years later. As a result, I saw that she was nominated for the Hugo Award. It was really IQ crushing all the time. "

  In 2006, Hao Jingfang graduated from the Department of Physics in Tsinghua University and entered the Tsinghua University Astrophysics Center. In this year, he officially began to write science fiction. So far, he has published the novel Wandering in the Sky, the collection of short stories, such as Star Traveler, Far Away and Lonely Deep. Later, Hao Jingfang transferred to Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management to pursue a doctorate, and in 2013, he began to work for China Development Research Foundation.

  In the novel "Beijing Folding", she fictionalized Beijing as a triple space, and people in each space were in different situations. The protagonist was a garbage man, Lao Dao, who ventured to deliver letters in other spaces in order to pay the kindergarten tuition for the picked-up children. At present, the novel is included in the new book "Lonely Deep". In addition, the reporter learned from Palm Reading Technology that the electronic version of "Lonely Deep" has downloaded more than 300,000 copies in just two months since it was launched on June 17.

  Jinghua Times reporter Tian Chao