The 24th Chengdu International Auto Show was grandly opened this Sunday.

On August 29th, 2021, the 24th Chengdu International Auto Show will be grandly opened in Rongcheng. The theme of this year’s auto show is "the tide is moving, Rongcheng is driving brilliantly". On the basis of last year, there is a new exhibition hall with a scale of 200,000 square meters. The next 10 days will be the highlight time for the world’s highest-selling A-class auto show to show its huge energy consumption.

Chengdu International Auto Show, which has been held for 23 consecutive years, has formed a tripartite confrontation with Guangzhou International Auto Show and Beijing and Shanghai International Auto Show held alternately every other year, and has become a battleground for major auto manufacturers to seize the western region, especially the Chengdu market. This year’s Chengdu International Auto Show attracted German, American and Japanese car companies as well as independent car companies such as Great Wall, Geely and BYD, and more than 130 well-known brands at home and abroad participated. At the same time, many new energy automobile brands, such as Weilai, Tucki, Lantu and Tianji, will also show the latest achievements to consumers here. More than 1,500 new cars were airborne in Xibo City, and 60 conferences were held, revealing dozens of world-first or domestic first-time models, bringing a car feast to Rongcheng consumers. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Lectra, Changan Ford, Geely, BYD and other participating brands all brought the latest models here. The brand-new mercedes benz c class, brand-new Audi Q2L and BYD Ocean Series all met the public at the auto show for the first time.

In January last year, the Central Financial and Economic Committee proposed to promote the construction of the twin-city economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing area. The twin-city economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing region is an economic circle integrated by Chengdu metropolitan circle, Chongqing metropolitan circle and the axis belt affected by the new polarization and strong radiation of the "twin cities". Chengdu will usher in brand-new development opportunities, and the regional advantages of leading engines will be more obvious. Today, Chengdu has a permanent population of 20.938 million, making it the fourth national central city with a permanent population of over 20 million. Pushing the window to see snow and pushing the door to see green, "Park Chengdu" is also the most livable city in China, and cars have become an important carrier to push up the happiness index of citizens.

At the same time, Chengdu has a high economic activity and strong purchasing power, and the global mainstream automobile brands are selling well here. The huge market with a population of 20 million and unlimited car purchases is extremely rare in the world. Therefore, Chengdu International Auto Show has become the world’s highest-selling A-class auto show event and the weather vane of Chengdu-Chongqing area and even China auto market.

As an important pole of China automobile market, Chengdu automobile market has developed rapidly in recent years. According to the data released by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the number of cars in Chengdu has exceeded 5 million, which is the second automobile city in China after Beijing. First-tier cities with earlier economic development, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, have already restricted the number of cars. Chengdu, the most dynamic city in China, is a hot spot of China automobile market and has become a new engine to promote the development of automobile industry in Chengdu and Chongqing.

At the 24th Chengdu International Auto Show in 2021, Chengdu Daily and Jinguan News New Media Cluster will create a series of special issues to interpret the happy life of 20 million citizens in Chengdu. At that time, a series of special reports on the auto show will be launched, and after the auto show, the "Hot Car List of Chengdu’s Good Life" will be released to cheer for those models that have gained a lot at the Chengdu Auto Show.

Colorful Chengdu auto show traffic exhibition strategy should have been known.

The venue of the 24th Chengdu International Auto Show-China West Expo City is a famous Expo hall and the permanent venue of China West International Expo. Xibocheng is located at the southern foot of Tianfu New District, with mature backbone road networks such as Tianfu Avenue, Zizhou Avenue and Metro Line 1. Due to the huge area of the exhibition hall, it is easy for first-time consumers to get lost and waste a lot of physical strength by walking to the exhibition hall from parking lots, subway stations and bus stops, as well as wandering between the exhibition halls. To this end, this newspaper has specially compiled a practical traffic guide for exhibition viewing.

Self – driving

Navigation "China West Expo City", there are more parking spaces in the southeast ground parking lot of Xibo City and the nearby temporary parking area. There are parking lots at the nearest exits of several main roads, and the number of parking spaces has increased significantly compared with previous years. At the same time, the traffic control department will reduce the traffic control distance. When the parking spaces in the exhibition hall tend to be saturated, the distance to the exhibition hall after parking in the periphery will be greatly shortened. Only licensed vehicles, buses, taxis and special vehicles are allowed on the roads near other directions of Xibo City. Please plan the route in advance when driving to the exhibition.


It is most convenient for the audience who arrive by taxi to get off near Gate 16 of Xibo City in the east section of Fuzhou Road.


In order to support the Chengdu International Auto Show, Chengdu Public Transport Group will make adjustments. The departure density of G90 and 236 buses will be increased, and 18-meter-long large-capacity buses will be used to meet the demand during peak hours. Bus lines passing through Xibo City will also increase the departure density. T1 and T6 buses go directly to the exhibition hall, where T1 bus gets off at Tianfu New District Customs Station and T6 bus gets off at West Expo City West Station.


Subway is the preferred means of transportation for most citizens. It is very convenient to take subway trains on Line 1, Line 6 and Line 18, get off at Xibocheng Station (exit D) and go out to the ticket entrance of the exhibition hall.

Off-site free shuttle bus

Running route: Gate 1 of Xibocheng-Guangzhou Road Station of Metro Line 1-South Square Parking Area-Southeast Square Parking Area-at the intersection of Guangzhou Road and Zizhou Avenue (one-way circulation).

Car ferry in the infield of the exhibition hall

Upon arrival at the venue, there is also a free infield car ferry for use. The running route is: Hall 1-Hall 5-Hall 16, with uninterrupted circulation. The boarding places are located outside Hall 1, Hall 3, Hall 5, Hall 11, Hall 14 and Hall 16, which is convenient for getting on and off. (Reporter Tang Ai)

Qian Guowei directed "Love Night Pu" to start the tender model Chen Jing low-cut appearance.

Jing Chen

Jun Kung, Zheng Rong.

Zhongmei attended the conference

Handsome and beautiful lineup

Director Qian Guowei.

    On April 20th, the new play "Love Night Pus" directed by Qian Guowei held a ceremony to worship the gods. The actors present included: Chen Jing, Square, Huang Yiwen, Zheng Rong, Yang Aijin, Lian Shiya, Shen Zhiming, Chen Baiyu, Seli Xian and Gong Shuoliang. 

    DaDa, dressed in a low-cut dress, appeared with her ex-boyfriend Gary (Zhao Juncheng), which naturally became the focus of the audience. Dada was not embarrassed to meet her ex-boyfriend again, and asked her if she had a chance to get back together with each other. DaDa smiled and said, "Why bother going around?" Gary stressed that goodbye is also a friend. Dada was asked if she had a bold performance. She said: I play a person who loves nightclubs, so I have a lot of sexy dresses, and I don’t mind if the director asks for a sex scene.

    In addition, Huang Yiwen will make a special guest appearance as a nightclub proprietress, and she will have an emotional scene with Dan Liwen. She said: I haven’t filmed for two years, and this time it’s because of my good friend Qian Guowei.

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Roasting with fire, dissolving in water, rubbing salt, shaking foam … These cosmetic testing "crooked operations" won’t work.

  Photo courtesy of vision china

  Beauty cosmetics guide to avoiding pits

  Reporter Jin Feng

  If you want something beautiful, how can you do it without skin care and makeup? In the eyes of many beauty experts, today’s skin care and makeup process is not just as simple as "washing your face and applying a cream", but involves a series of steps such as cleansing, toner, cream and essence.

  Before these operations, the quality of the product is the most important thing. In order to identify the quality of the product, there are various methods circulating on the Internet: "Facial cleanser is baked with fire, and if it is splashed with oil or baked more and more like yogurt, the safety factor is not high." "Shake toner, if there is less foam, it means less nutrients." "Put salt on lipstick and rub it. If there are black particles, it means that the content of lead and mercury exceeds the standard, never buy it. … Can these seemingly simple "earthworks" help us polish our eyes, and how can we choose the products that suit us?

  Improper operation: baking facial cleanser with fire and spilling oil are not safe.

  Positive solution: oil spills are caused by oily components or emulsifiers.

  "Roasting with fire will spill oil, or the more it is roasted, the more it looks like yogurt, which does not explain the quality of facial cleanser." Chi Bo, a professor at the School of Food and Light Industry of Nanjing University of Technology and the State Key Laboratory of Material Chemical Engineering, told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that splashing oil when baking facial cleanser with fire can only prove that there are oily ingredients or emulsifiers in facial cleanser.

  Chi Bo said that some facial cleansers with strong cleaning power and more soap-based surfactants will add some grease or emulsifier. Grease can reduce the degreasing power of soap-based surfactants and make facial cleansers softer to use. This facial cleanser will spill oil if baked with fire, but it does not mean that it is unsafe to use this facial cleanser.

  As for why facial cleanser is baked more and more like yogurt, it is related to the formula of facial cleanser. Chi Bo said that some facial cleansers have high fineness, and the water evaporates after baking, and the molecular structure of the emulsifier has not been destroyed, so it will be very sticky, but this can only prove that its emulsification system is relatively stable and the facial cleanser will be stored for a relatively long time.

  Since the method of identifying the quality of facial cleanser by fire roasting is not reliable, how to judge the efficacy of facial cleanser? "After using a good facial cleanser, the face is not tight." Chi Bo said, "In particular, it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin to use facial cleanser that makes the skin feel tight, because it will remove the oil that acts as a barrier on the skin surface."

  Xu Yang, deputy chief physician of jiangsu province hospital Dermatology Department, also said that the main function of facial cleanser is cleaning. After cleansing, the skin is not tight, moist and dehydrated. If you want to moisturize the skin, you might as well use facial cleanser containing moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and allantoin.

  In addition, the pH value of facial cleanser is preferably weakly acidic. "The pH value of skin is about 4.1— 5.8, and the pH value on the market is 6-mdash; Facial cleanser between 7 can be used, and the pH value can be measured with test paper. Although the degreasing of alkaline or soap-based facial cleanser is better, if it is too alkaline, it may affect the pH value of the skin. " Xu Yang said that after the change of skin pH value, it will cause changes in skin flora. If the pH value increases, it will form an environment conducive to the growth of some skin bacteria such as propionibacterium acnes, thus increasing the probability of acne on the skin.

  Chi Bo suggested that for people with oily skin, you can use soap-based facial cleanser containing dodecyl and laurate, but you should also beware of excessive cleaning and damage to skin oil. Excessive cleaning will make the skin dry and tight, and it will also open the pores completely, which will increase the chance of contact with germs and lead to skin allergies. People with neutral and sensitive skin are more suitable for facial cleanser containing amino acids and olive oil lipids.

  Inclined operation: shake the toner, and there are many nutrients in the foam.

  Positive solution: the content of surfactant determines the amount of foam

  After washing your face, especially in hot summer, pat a little toner on your face, and a refreshing feeling will come to your face. So how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of toner? Some netizens suggested shaking the toner. If there is less foam, it means less nutrients. Is that true?

  "The content of nutrients has nothing to do with the amount of foam." For this method circulating on the Internet, Chi Bo said that many ingredients in the toner will not produce foam, such as vitamin C, plant extract, salicylic acid and so on.

  Xu Yang said that the ingredients in toner are both water-soluble and fat-soluble, such as hyaluronic acid and fruit acid, which are water-soluble ingredients, and glycerol and salicylic acid, which are fat-soluble. Surfactants need to be added to dissolve fat-soluble ingredients in water. Surfactants can cause foam when shaking, but surfactants do not affect the nutrition of toner.

  Chi Bo further introduced: "In the production of toner, sometimes in order to dissolve essence and essential oil in water, it is necessary to add surfactant, which can increase the surface tension of the liquid, make all the substances evenly blend and form an oil-in-water system, so that various substances are not easy to delaminate and the storage time is longer."

  How much foam you shake out can’t judge the substance content, so how to choose the toner that suits you?

  Xu Yang said that the function of toner is mainly to moisturize and soften the stratum corneum. However, the use of toner should vary from person to person. People with oily skin can use some toner that softens the cuticle or contains alcohol. For people with sensitive skin, it is not recommended to use toner containing alcohol, fruit acid and salicylic acid easily. "Fruit acid and high concentration salicylic acid have exfoliating effect, etc. It is not recommended for people with thin cuticle." She suggested that for people with sensitive skin, if you can’t identify which toner is useful to you, you can use lotion or moisturizer directly without caution.

  Inclined operation: the emulsion enters the water, but floats on the water surface and contains oilstone ester.

  Positive solution: Sinking and floating surfaces are mainly determined by density.

  An emulsion that looks as pure as milk is moisturizing and moisturizing. If a few drops are squeezed and dissolved in water, some emulsions float on the water surface and some emulsions sink into the water. Some emulsion identification methods circulating recently believe that the emulsion floats on the water surface, indicating that it contains oleoresin, which will harm the skin. Is this statement reliable?

  Regardless of ups and downs, it can’t prove whether the emulsion will harm the skin. Xu Yang said that emulsion is generally composed of oil, emulsifier, preservative, perfume, excipient for adjusting pH value, etc. The density of the emulsion is determined by different preparation formulas and processes, and whether the emulsion floats on the water is determined by the density of the emulsion. If the density is greater than water, the emulsion will sink, otherwise it will float on the water. However, it can’t be said in general that the emulsion floating on the water will hurt the skin, which depends on the specific components and proportions.

  Chi Bo believes that emulsions containing more oils are easier to float on the water surface. Most of these oils are light oils, such as mineral oils. The amount of oils will affect the skin feel and moisturizing strength of emulsions. Healthy skin is water-oil balance, and the best way to keep skin healthy is to protect the barrier function of skin. Too light and too thick emulsion is not suitable.

  If you want to choose a suitable emulsion, you can also pay more attention to the ingredient list. Xu Yang believes that the most important function of lotions and creams is moisturizing. If you need anti-aging, you can choose an emulsion with substances such as alcohol A, vitamin C, vitamin E and peptides. Sensitive skin needs some emulsions that have anti-allergic effect and can repair the water-oil barrier, such as those with ceramide, purslane extract and licorice extract, which have certain anti-inflammatory effects. The emulsion containing vitamin C, arbutin, tranexamic acid and other substances is suitable for people who need whitening. Salicylic acid, fruit acid, almond acid and other substances can help fine pores and fight acne.

  Oblique operation: rubbing salt on lipstick turns black, indicating that it contains lead and mercury.

  Positive solution: The content of related substances can only be detected after nitration with strong acid.

  Choosing a powerful lipstick will not only make your lips full and shiny, but also make your whole face feel makeup. Some netizens said, put salt on lipstick and rub it. If there are black particles, it means that the lead and mercury content exceeds the standard, so don’t buy it.

  In this regard, Qu Mei, a senior engineer of the National Cosmetics Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, responded: "Not reliable." One of Qu Mei’s daily work is to check the quality of all kinds of cosmetics.

  She said that whether the quality of a lipstick meets the standard needs to be reflected by its lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium and total number of colonies, mold and yeast, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other conventional indicators. To complete this detection process, it needs to go through a set of chemical experiments.

  "When testing, we weigh the lipstick, add strong acid, and then heat it with an electric furnace. The strong acid will fully decompose the chemical composition of lipstick. Then put them in a high-temperature boiling furnace and burn them for several hours to remove all the organic substances in the lipstick, leaving inorganic substances. After dissolving inorganic substances, the contents of lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium in cosmetics can be detected by atomic absorption or atomic fluorescence. Therefore, it is impossible to decompose lead and mercury just by adding salt at room temperature. " Qu Mei told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium are all prohibited ingredients in the production of cosmetics. The prohibited mercury can make the skin appear whitening in the short term, but lipstick has no short-term whitening demand, so there is no need to add it. The test results of cosmetics center for many years show that no samples of lipstick containing excessive mercury are found, so consumers don’t have to worry.

  What are the black particles produced by the friction between salt and lipstick in the online video? Chi Bo said: "Black particles may be caused by sodium chloride destroying the paste system of lipstick, which changes the internal components. However, some merchants will not write all the ingredients in the ingredient list, and the composition of black particles is not easy to judge. "