Wang Jiequn, Party Secretary and Director of Beijing Radio and Television Bureau, and his party visited Chinese online for investigation.

  On March 18th, Wang Jiequn, Party Secretary and Director of Beijing Radio and Television Bureau, led a team to () Group Co., Ltd. for investigation. On behalf of the company, Xie Guangcai, director and executive vice president of the company, made a report and exchange on the company’s situation, contents and technological development in the field of network audiovisual.

  Director Wang Jiequn and his party visited the Chinese online exhibition hall, listened to the reports of Chinese online on micro-short drama business, short drama going to sea, IP derivative, AIGC big model, etc., and learned about the problems and demands of the enterprise in detail, and had full exchanges with responsible comrades of relevant departments of the company.

  Director Wang Jiequn summed up and put forward hope for the development of the enterprise. First, explore the transformation of excellent IP movies and TV plays. Many scripts of excellent TV dramas and miniseries come from online literature. Chinese online should give full play to its advantages, sort out and explore excellent IP, and also contribute to the development of the industry. Second, pay attention to creating fine content, and pay more attention to the depth of works, the spread of stories and the value of culture. The third is to give full play to the empowerment of science and technology to provide strong support for the fine and high-quality development of micro-short plays. Fourth, the Radio and Television Bureau should provide good services and actively assist in solving the difficulties of enterprises within the scope of policies. On behalf of the company, Xie Guangcai thanked the Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television for its guidance and concern, and said that he would continue to play the leading role of digital content enterprises and promote the healthy development of the industry.

  Wang Zhi, deputy director of the party group of Radio and Television Bureau, Zhang Nan, director of the office, Xia Fei, director of the network audio-visual management office, and Xia Chao, deputy director of the network audio-visual management office, accompanied the investigation. Yang Ruizhi, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Chinese Online, Li Kai, Senior Vice President, and Wu Jiang, Chief Technology Officer attended and reported the exchange.