There are many kinds of "flowers", and the recent copper beams contain a very high amount of "spring"!

Hello, Spring.

Spring is the preface, and everything is harmonious.

Copper beam in spring

Looking up is full of stars and flowers

Plum blossom, cherry blossom, begonia,

Acacia, rape flower … …


The fafa of the copper beam is all open

Let’s go out and embrace spring together ~

Beautiful plum blossoms in spring.

As soon as spring comes, the romantic flower viewing season will come! In a plum blossom base in Xilai Village, Nancheng Street, Tongliang, thousands of plum blossoms are in full bloom, and the pink and tender flowers are swaying in the wind. From a height, it looks like a pink ocean, warm and romantic.

Under the irradiation of the warm sun in spring, the petals are particularly gorgeous. The spring breeze blows, the flowers sway with the wind, and the petals fall with the wind, which is beautiful. The blooming plum blossoms also attract many tourists to punch in and enjoy the flowers and feel the pink romance that belongs to spring alone.

Walking through the forest, you can see the pink flowers connected into a whole piece when you look up. Everyone who comes to enjoy the flowers is looking forward to meeting the beautiful spring scenery hidden in each flower.

According to reports, the natural flowering period of Meirenmei has been open from top to bottom since the first flower in March. Due to different regions and climates, the flowering period can last from late March to mid-April.

Cherry blossoms are full of spring.

At present, with the temperature rising, 6,000 mu of cherry flowers in Shuangshan Town, Tongliang District are in full bloom, attracting tourists.

Looking around, patches of cherry flowers stretch from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, clusters and clusters, densely covered with branches, like white snow, beautiful.

Visitors who come to enjoy the flowers stroll along the path among the flowers, breathe the fragrant fragrance and enjoy the beautiful scenery in spring.

It is understood that Shuangshan Town in Tongliang District is known as the hometown of cherries, and it is a well-known "hometown of small fruits". Among them, Jianxin Village is the core area of cherry planting, with more than 10 varieties such as white cherry, cinnabar cherry, Chinese red cherry and black pearl cherry, and the flower viewing period will last until the middle and late March.

Begonia blossoms at the right time.

In Xue ‘an Park in Tongliang City, begonia flowers are blooming in the warm spring sun, and hardworking bees are dancing on the petals, adding infinite interest to the brilliant spring.

In the park, some citizens who come to enjoy the flowers use mobile phones and some use professional cameras to record the intimate "encounter" with the flowers.

Acacia limited in spring

"The Little Yellow Flower of the Story" has been blooming brilliantly in Yuanxiang Avenue recently, and clusters of bright and cheerful acacia flowers have made spring bright and cheerful.

Clouds of small flower balls are fluffy and golden, like a warm little sun, wrapped in green leaves, pouring down the enthusiasm of spring.

Beautiful agreement of rape flower

Little friends, you can see the "Rape Flower Sea" without going out of the city! Beside the Huaiyuanhe Community Sports and Cultural Park in Tongliang, a piece of rape blossoms are dazzling, like golden waves, and the waves roll together with the spring breeze, which makes people intoxicated.

Bees are busy collecting honey among the flowers, which adds a bit of movement and vitality to this spring picture.

Never brushed the flowers in March with my own hands

How dare you say that you have appreciated the beauty of spring?

Little friends

Invite three or five friends

Have a romantic date with spring!

Original title: There are many kinds of flowers, and the recent copper beams contain a very high amount of "spring"!

Editor: Wang Guangjian Editor: Zheng Yalan Audit: Song Yan