One-week inventory | BYD shares Hong Kong stocks fell 0.26% last week

[trend of individual stocks]

April 10th to 14th.

Last week, the Hang Seng Index rose by 0.53% and the Hang Seng Technology Index fell by 1.74%.

() Shares of Hong Kong stocks fell by 0.26% last week.Last week, the total turnover was 4.33 billion Hong Kong dollars. As of last week’s close, the stock price of Hong Kong stocks was 226.80 Hong Kong dollars, with a market value of 660.247 billion Hong Kong dollars. Hong Kong stocks fell 1.31% this month, up 17.76% this year and down 5.42% in the past 52 weeks.

[Company comparison]

Securities code Securities abbreviation Latest price Last week’s ups and downs Up and down this month Up and down this year 52-week ups and downs LI Li Auto $24.56 3.76% -1.56% 20.39% -4.47% NIO Weilai $9.27 2.89% -11.8% -4.92% -52.82% TSLA Tesla $185.00 -0.03% -10.83% 50.19% -43.65% XPEV XPENG Motors $9.92 -3.31% -10.71% -0.2% -63.16% 02333 Great Wall Motor 9.81 hong kong dollars 10.1% 1.24% -3.44% -14.99% 00175 Geely automobile HK$ 10.14 4% 0.4% -11.05% -14.07% 02015 LI -W HK$ 96.20 3.5% -1.84% 25.26% -6.6% 02238 Guangzhou Automobile Group HK$ 4.98 1.43% 0.61% -5.32% -26.87% 09866 Weilai -SW HK$ 71.85 1.41% -9.68% -8.47% -55.34% 01211 Byd shares HK$ 226.80 -0.26% -1.31% 17.76% -5.42% 09868 Xpeng Motors -W HK$ 39.10 -3.1% -10.63% 1.96% -64.23%

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Buffett: BYD is an "excellent company". Selling BYD shares will make the capital better allocated.

Buffett said that the sale of BYD shares will make the capital better allocated. BYD is an "excellent company".

(): Received the Notice of Designated Development from BYD Company.

Shengbang shares announced that it had received the Notice of Fixed-point Development, and BYD decided to choose the company as the spare parts supplier of one model.

(): We have not cooperated directly with BYD yet, nor have we supplied PCB products to BYD in large quantities indirectly.

Jinlu Electronics said on the interactive platform that the company maintains a good and stable cooperative relationship with major new energy customers; The company has not directly cooperated with BYD, nor has it supplied PCB products to BYD in large quantities through indirect means; In the future, the company will focus on new energy vehicles, energy storage and other fields for business development, and actively expand vehicle companies and Tier1 customers while consolidating existing battery manufacturers’ customers.

(): The company has a variety of products that are promoting cooperation with BYD.

Recently, Gaomeng New Materials said in an investor survey that the company has many types of products that are promoting cooperation with BYD. In terms of NVH sound insulation, vibration reduction and noise reduction materials, Wuhan Huasen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has reached cooperation intentions with BYD on several projects, and subsequent specific cooperation is under further negotiation and promotion; In terms of adhesive materials, the company and BYD are conducting technical exchanges and docking of several projects. Some products have passed the test and become qualified suppliers of BYD. Waiting for the tender in the middle of the year, it is uncertain whether the final products can enter BYD’s supply chain.

Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholding in BYD H shares decreased from 11.13% to 10.9%.

According to HKEx documents, Buffett’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway reduced its holding of BYD H shares to 10.90%, compared with 11.13% before, and sold 2.48 million BYD H shares on March 31.

BYD has applied for the trademark Yunqi.

According to Tianyancha App, on April 10th, BYD released Yunqi Intelligent Body Control System, aiming at systematically solving the body control problem in the vertical direction. The product matrix of Yunqi includes Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A, Yunqi -P and other products. Tianyancha App shows that BYD Co., Ltd. has applied for the registration of "Yunqi", "Yunqi -A" and "Yunqi -P" trademarks. The international classification is transportation, and the current trademark status is under application.

BYD Yunqi Intelligent Body Control System officially released.

According to the Securities Times, on April 10th, BYD Yunqi Intelligent Body Control System was officially released. At the event site, Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD, said that Yunqi is the first exclusive intelligent body control system for new energy in the industry, which not only fills the technical gap in China, but also achieves a breakthrough from 0 to 1, and even surpasses the foreign technical level, achieving an improvement from 1 to 2. It is reported that Yunqi will be mounted on the flagship model of BYD Dynasty Ocean, Tengshi, Wangwang and BYD professional personalized brand models.

Shell BYD joint venture company changed its name and added car wash service to its business scope.

Tianyancha App shows that on April 6, Shenzhen BYD Electric Vehicle Investment Co., Ltd. changed its business name to Shenzhen Shell BYD Electric Vehicle Investment Co., Ltd., and at the same time, the business scope added car wash service. The company was established in June 2014 with a registered capital of 300 million RMB. In December 2022, the original shareholders of the company, Shenzhen Shendian Power Sales Co., Ltd. and Rongming Investment Management Partnership (Limited Partnership) in Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area withdrew, and Shell (China) Co., Ltd. became a shareholder, holding 80% of the shares, while BYD Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. reduced its shareholding to 20%.

BYD studies building new factories in Germany and Hungary.

According to Interface Finance Association, citing Spanish newspaper Expansion, BYD is studying to build new factories in Germany and Hungary.

BYD’s 4S shop appealed to Tesla for commercial defamation dispute.

Tianyancha App shows that recently, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. added a second trial announcement, the cause of which was a commercial defamation dispute, and the appellant was Anqing Fengdi New Energy Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. (BYD Auto Ocean Network Anqingfengdi 4S shop). The case will be heard in the Intermediate People’s Court of Anqing City, Anhui Province on April 17. According to previous media reports, Anqing Fengdi 4S store was sued by Tesla for publishing a short video with the caption "Porsche owners see BYD as unstoppable as a Tesla without brakes". The court held that by fabricating and disseminating misleading information, the defendant gave the existing and potential consumers of Tesla the misleading information that Tesla had no brakes or had problems with the brakes, which constituted commercial slander, and sentenced Anqing Fengdi 4S shop to publish a statement apologizing and compensate Tesla for economic losses of 50,000 yuan.

BYD is considering building a new super factory in Spain.

BYD is considering building a new super factory in Spain, according to the report of Bloomberg quoted by Interface Finance Association.

Indonesian officials: Negotiations will be held with BYD on electric vehicles in May.

According to Interface Finance Association, Indonesian officials said that they would hold talks with BYD on electric vehicles in May.

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The story of a musician, a writer and the national anthem law

  "get up! People who don’t want to be slaves … …”











  As the highest-standard ceremonial troops in the country, the PLA Military Orchestra undertakes the music performance tasks of major ceremonies, important meetings and welcoming state guests of the country and the army. Yu Hai and his comrades-in-arms also began to go abroad and participate in international music exchange visits to show the world the brand-new style and features of China. Because of his work, Yu Hai has played national anthems in many countries. However, he gradually discovered that some literary and art groups at home and abroad made mistakes in playing our national anthem, which was not accurate and standardized, and the version of the national anthem was not uniform, which was very chaotic.

  What worries him even more is that some people’s awareness of the national anthem is particularly weak. Many people don’t know the lyrics of the national anthem and can’t recite the lyrics of the national anthem, so the spirit of the national anthem can’t be passed down well. Yu Hai still remembers one thing, which was a meeting he once attended. Before starting, the participants had to sing the national anthem. In the discussion that followed, some participants asked whether the national anthem was out of date. Do the lyrics need to be changed in peacetime? "The national anthem is a symbol of national sovereignty and must not be changed at will." Yu Hai retorted on the spot: "The oldest Dutch national anthem in the world has a history of more than 400 years and is still being sung today; The French are romantic and casual, and the "La Marseillaise" is very combative, and it has never changed. Why should our national anthem be changed? The most important thing is that our national anthem reveals the national spirit of courage, unity, cooperation and perseverance, which cannot be changed! " 

  "Our national anthem is only 84 words, 37 bars, and it only takes 46 seconds to play and sing. But it is a sign of a country’s independence and self-improvement. " Talking about his original intention to protect the national anthem, Yu Hai told reporters that the national anthem embodies all the struggles that the Communist Party of China (CPC) led the people to strive for national independence, people’s liberation and realize the country’s prosperity and people’s prosperity. It is a strong melody that inspires people to forge ahead courageously, a vivid teaching material for patriotic education, and the strongest voice in the hearts of 1.4 billion people in China. But for a long time, the legal provisions on the national anthem in China are almost blank. Except that the Constitution clearly stipulates that National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China is March of the Volunteers, there are no other provisions on the use of the national anthem at the legal level. "Through legislation, the important position of the national anthem as the first voice of People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been determined, and it can enjoy the same protection as the national flag and national emblem." Yu Hai said.

  In March 2008, Yu Hai, who attended the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference meeting for the first time as a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, proposed to legislate for the national anthem. He made the same proposal every year for the next ten years. His persistence has even been joked by other members as a contemporary "Xianglinsao". However, Yu Hai never gave up and always insisted on legislating the national anthem.

  Finally, on the afternoon of September 1, 2017, in the tenth year of Shanghai’s persistent proposal for national anthem legislation, the 29th session of the 12th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) voted to pass the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China Law. At that time, Yu Hai, who was preparing to return to Beijing at Changsha Airport in Hunan Province, received a WeChat from the person in charge of the the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) Law Committee: "The legislative vote on the national anthem of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) just passed this afternoon! Your persistence, your efforts and your contribution have finally come to fruition! "

  And that day happened to be Yu Hai’s 62nd birthday. Yu Hai was so excited about this that he couldn’t help but sigh that it was destiny takes a hand, and he received the best birthday gift of his life on a special day.

  Today, the 64-year-old Yu Hai has not stopped. He began to shoulder the heavy responsibility of preaching the history of the national anthem, and often went to some institutions, schools and enterprises to give lectures to publicize and preach the knowledge related to the national anthem. "The national anthem is the voice image of the country. I hope that everyone who has heard my preaching can know the importance of safeguarding the dignity of the national anthem, and love the country and the Chinese nation more. " Yu Hai said.

  Aikebaier Mi Jiti: Give the national anthem a clear legal status.

  Mi Jiti clearly remembers that the time when he received the phone call that excited him was at 10: 56 am on April 19th, 2017. On the phone, the relevant staff of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) Law Committee told him that the national anthem was going to be legislated, and invited him to attend the legislative forum held in the organ of the National People’s Congress on the morning of April 27th. This means that, from the second session of the 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Conference in 2014, the "Proposal on Amending the National Flag Law to the National Flag and Anthem Law" was put forward, and the efforts made by Akbar Mi Jiti for the national anthem legislation have blossomed and borne fruit for four consecutive years.

  Member of the 11th and 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former editor-in-chief of China Writers, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Writers Publishing Group, former deputy director of the Management Committee, deputy director of the Film and Television Committee of the Chinese Writers Association, and executive vice president of the China Film Literature Society … … Mi Jiti has many titles, but his favorite identity is a writer. As one of the outstanding representatives of Kazak people in 56 ethnic families, Akbar Mi Jiti has created a large number of literary works. The emergence of Mi Jiti’s legislative proposal for the national anthem is also directly related to a writer, that is, Su Shuyang.






  再过几天,天安门广场上,庆祝新中国成立70周年阅兵仪式即将举行。“当五星红旗飘扬的时候,伴随着雄壮的国歌声,56个民族共同唱响国歌,那一定是一幅壮观景象。相信在国歌的激励下,中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦一定会实现!”艾克拜尔·米吉提充满期待。(记者 朱宁宁)

Qian Guowei directed "Love Night Pu" to start the tender model Chen Jing low-cut appearance.

Jing Chen

Jun Kung, Zheng Rong.

Zhongmei attended the conference

Handsome and beautiful lineup

Director Qian Guowei.

    On April 20th, the new play "Love Night Pus" directed by Qian Guowei held a ceremony to worship the gods. The actors present included: Chen Jing, Square, Huang Yiwen, Zheng Rong, Yang Aijin, Lian Shiya, Shen Zhiming, Chen Baiyu, Seli Xian and Gong Shuoliang. 

    DaDa, dressed in a low-cut dress, appeared with her ex-boyfriend Gary (Zhao Juncheng), which naturally became the focus of the audience. Dada was not embarrassed to meet her ex-boyfriend again, and asked her if she had a chance to get back together with each other. DaDa smiled and said, "Why bother going around?" Gary stressed that goodbye is also a friend. Dada was asked if she had a bold performance. She said: I play a person who loves nightclubs, so I have a lot of sexy dresses, and I don’t mind if the director asks for a sex scene.

    In addition, Huang Yiwen will make a special guest appearance as a nightclub proprietress, and she will have an emotional scene with Dan Liwen. She said: I haven’t filmed for two years, and this time it’s because of my good friend Qian Guowei.

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If time goes back, I want to accompany my mother to have a reunion dinner and go back to the front line.

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, February 18th: If time goes back, I want to accompany my mother to have a reunion dinner before going to the front line —— A record of Song Xiuhui, a nurse in Badong County, Hubei Province.
Xinhua News Agency reporter Tan Yuanbin
Mother has been away for 11 days, and Song Xiuhui still has an unspeakable pain in her heart. Every day when I return to the hotel from the isolation ward, I am too busy to remember, and suddenly I feel that kind of pain, like blood coming out of a punctured blood vessel.
In these 11 days, except for the day after her mother left, she spent in the hotel "recalling the past and regretting herself, staying on the windowsill and looking at the direction of home", and she never left her post one day.
On January 23rd, the day before New Year’s Eve, the infectious diseases department of Badong County People’s Hospital in Hubei Province admitted the first suspected patient from COVID-19. As a nurse in the infectious diseases department, Song Xiuhui did not hesitate to join the anti-epidemic front line.
At that time, the elder sister and mother were waiting for her and the second sister to go back for the New Year in their hometown in the countryside. That night, she went back to the county home to pack her things, called her elder sister and her second sister who were also in the county, and told them that she was on duty and could not go back for the New Year.
On the 24th, New Year’s Eve, Song Xiuhui entered the isolation ward. Her second sister later wrote: "Because of the epidemic, my sister didn’t have a reunion dinner with us for the first time in history. We have enlightened our mother in advance and explained the truth. My mother said,’ I understand’. "
Since New Year’s Eve, Song Xiuhui has traveled between the hotel and the hospital every day. On the fifth day of the first month, my mother, who had suffered from immune system diseases for a long time, got worse and lived in a department of Badong County People’s Hospital, separated from the infectious diseases department by a building. Mother repeatedly told: "You can’t tell Xiaohui, and you can’t affect Xiaohui’s work." The family really didn’t tell Song Xiuhui. On the sixth day of the first month, she didn’t know that her mother was in hospital until she heard a colleague in a department inadvertently talk about it.
Although she is only separated by a building, she can’t go to see her mother. Video chat has become a link between mother and daughter, with Song Xiuhui at this end and her mother at that end. Although suffering from illness, my mother always encourages her in the video: "Don’t worry about me, you should take care of yourself and protect yourself."
After treatment, my mother’s condition improved. On February 1, the eighth day of the first month, two sisters who took care of their mother discharged her.
On February 6, Song Xiuhui suddenly felt very uneasy and sent video requests to her mother many times. "Mom just fell asleep after eating …" "Mom is in the toilet …" Second sister pushed away the video of her and her mother for various reasons.
"My sister asked for a video, and I was blocked. I am going to wait until my mother has taken painkillers and her condition is slightly better. I never thought about it, but there is no such opportunity anymore." Her second sister wrote.
That night, Song Xiuhui worked the night shift. After work in the early morning of the 7th, on her way back to the hotel, she saw an obituary of her mother’s death in the WeChat group in the village. The cold wind was biting, and she couldn’t help crying.
Waiting for her is a very painful choice. Although she really wanted to go back to see her mother for the last time, for the safety of her family, she finally made up her mind not to go back, hiding her pain in her heart and continuing to stick to her post.
"I dare not think that when the epidemic is over and my sister can go home, her mother is already a pile of loess. Such pain, such pain, such regret, when can I let go? " Her second sister wrote, "There are no heroes falling from the sky, only the ordinary ones without hesitation!"
On the 8th, Song Xiuhui rested in the hotel for a day, recalling her mother’s past. 9, then go to work. Put on protective clothing and walk into the ward. Facing the patient, she forgot to think about her mother leaving.
A few days ago, a little boy named ice cream that Song Xiuhui took care of was discharged from the hospital with his parents. Their whole family was safe, which made her feel strong inside, and the remorse and regret in her heart were a little relieved.
"Mom and Dad have suffered too much by farming for us to study. If time goes back, I want to accompany my mother to have a reunion dinner and then go to the front line. However, no matter how sad I am, I will stick to the end because patients need us. " Song Xiuhui said. (End)

What day, month and date is Christmas (when is Christmas)

Hello, everyone. Xiaole will answer the following questions for you. When is Christmas? Many people still don’t know when it is. Now let’s take a look!

1. Date of Christmas in 2020: Friday, December 25th, 2020.

2. Christmas, also known as Christmas Day, is translated as "Christ Mass", which originated from Saturnalia, the ancient Romans welcoming the New Year, and has nothing to do with Christianity. After Christianity prevailed in the Roman Empire, the Holy See drifted into the Christian system to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But Christmas is not the birthday of Jesus, because the Bible does not record the specific date when Jesus was born, nor does it mention the existence of such a festival, which is the result of Christianity absorbing ancient Roman mythology.

This article ends here, hoping to help you.