The height and width of the Galaxy L7 Geely "roll" out

On May 31st, the new generation of super intelligent electric hybrid SUV Galaxy L7 under Geely Automobile was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 5 versions, and the official guide price was 138,700-173,700 yuan, which was lower than the market expected price, richer configuration, and more "fried" rights and interests, giving consumers sincerity.

Galaxy L7’s listing, the most surprising is the price. High-end positioning and the superposition of various technology configurations, I thought it would be the same price as Avita 11 and Zhiji LS7 300,000 yuan, but in the end it gave an absolutely affordable price.

The Geely Galaxy L7 new car is equipped with a "new generation Raytheon Hybrid 8848" power system, which perfectly integrates energy saving, performance and handling.

In terms of energy saving, the new generation Raytheon hybrid engine B-Plus has the highest thermal efficiency of 44.26% in the world, with a fuel consumption of only 5.23 liters (NEDC 4.4L) per 100 kilometers of power loss, and a comprehensive cruising range of 1370 kilometers under CLTC conditions.

In terms of performance, Raytheon’s 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro is the first intelligent electric drive in the world to achieve P1 + P2 dual motor overclocking drive. The system has a comprehensive maximum power of 287 kW, a comprehensive maximum torque of 535 Nm, a 100-kilometer acceleration of only 6.9 seconds, and supports ejection start, with a top speed of 240 km/h.

In terms of handling, the Geely Galaxy L7 is based on a world-class e-CMA architecture, with excellent grip and excellent corner handling, taking into account driving comfort and handling stability.

Geely Galaxy L7 has the only smart love cockpit in the same class, standard 8155 flagship cockpit chip and 8.10 billion times per second super cloud computing power support Star Smart Computing Center dual computing power base, and Galaxy NOS cockpit operating system, so that the daily operation and response speed is greatly improved, to achieve "second hands, second touch, second response" smooth car experience.

As early as February this year, Geely launched the Galaxy brand. Geely announced at the main venue of the Hangzhou Asian Games that it will launch seven products in the next two years, four of which belong to the intelligent electric hybrid L series, the first electric hybrid SUV Galaxy L7 and the first electric hybrid car Galaxy L6 will be delivered in the second and third quarters of this year; the other three belong to the intelligent pure electric E series, and the first pure electric product E8 will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

On April 18, Geely Galaxy L7 Smart Love Cockpit and Super Experience Officer Program was officially released; on May 13, Geely Galaxy L7’s first Aegis battery safety system completed the first basic test at the Tianjin China Automotive Center New Energy Inspection Center, with excellent results. The battery pack acupuncture link gave people a new understanding of domestic battery safety technology. When the new car was launched on May 31, Geely did not show off its comparative advantages with major competitors, but actually showed everyone what the Galaxy L7 itself has.

Looking back at the listing of Geely Galaxy L7, we can clearly feel the rationality and determination of Geely Automobile, which is a strategic sobriety and height that an autonomous car company has achieved after going through the baptism of the market.

Nowadays, the automotive industry competes not only in the mechanical structure of vehicles, but also in the intelligence of vehicles. Two years ago, Geely launched the low-orbit satellite Internet project for vehicles and autonomous driving. Last year, Geely completed the acquisition of Meizu mobile phones.

It can be said that the emergence of Galaxy L7 is just a product and achievement in the overall industrial ecology of Geely Automobile Cloth. Here, we also clearly see the sufficient width of the vision of Geely Automobile’s management team.

The latest news is that Geely Galaxy’s new energy experience center has been newly opened, and hundreds of stores across the country have opened at the same time. The pace and speed of Geely Galaxy’s market advancement are beyond everyone’s imagination. From this, we also clearly find that Geely Galaxy L7 represents not only the launch of a new car, but also the real progress and improvement of autonomous car companies over the years.