Sports Lottery Helps Erdos Hiking in Ice and Snow

Recently, the national fitness ice and snow hiking activity was held in the Riverside Square in Wulanmulun, kangbashi district, Erdos, Inner Mongolia.

At the event, an instant sales booth was set up, public welfare publicity panels were placed, and promotional materials of China sports lottery were distributed. Sports lottery staff on-site popular science sports lottery public welfare and rational lottery purchase knowledge, so that participants can understand the public welfare attribute and responsibility of sports lottery. An interactive gift-winning activity was also held at the scene, and gifts such as badminton rackets, mouse pads and paper drawing with sports lottery logos were given to the participants. Just before the opening of the sales booth, a variety of Spring Festival theme tickets were warmly welcomed by everyone. Many hikers who came to participate in the competition not only gained the joy of sports, but also received a lucky participation in sports lottery games. The event also provided disposable cups and paper-drawing printed by sports lottery for the contestants, bringing colorful warmth to the cold winter. (From January 31st, China Sports Daily, 08 edition) 

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