List of seasonal fruits from January to December! Don’t be confused again.

Summer is here, and all kinds of seasonal fruits are on the market one after another.

Confucius once said "from time to time, don’t eat", which means that eating should be in season and on time, and what to eat in what season.

On the one hand, it can satisfy our appetite; on the other hand, seasonal fruits can better help us recuperate.

We should know that different plants adapt to grow in different seasons and different environments because of their different genetic characteristics. Only seasonal fruits have the richest nutrition and the best taste.

What are the seasonal fruits from January to December?

Eat fruit correctly and keep in mind three points of attention.

According to the recommendation of dietary guidelines for China residents, the intake of fresh fruit per person per day should be about 200~350g.

It is equivalent to the weight of two oranges or an apple.

If you eat too much fruit, you may have the problem of excessive sugar intake, and then there will be so-called "getting angry" symptoms such as long mouth sores, acne on your face and constipation.

Eating fruit is better than drinking juice.

Fruits are rich in dietary fiber, which can effectively help us to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase satiety and reduce the absorption of cholesterol.

But after the fruit is squeezed into juice, the dietary fiber is destroyed, and these effects disappear.

Moreover, it is easy to take too much fruit juice unconsciously.

notice the time

① Ten o’clock in the morning: At this time, the work is busiest. Eating a fruit can relieve the tension and anxiety and make people feel refreshed.

② One hour after lunch: At this time, eating fruit can help digestion. You can eat pineapple and kiwi fruit rich in protease, oranges, lemons and hawthorn with high organic acid content.

③ Four o’clock in the afternoon: At this time, it is easy to be hungry, and fruit can be used as lunch to replenish physical strength.

(Health China)